Earn more from your links.
How it works
With Hero.li you can monetize your links. The links on your website, the links you post in social networks, or the links in your apps. Whenever one of your users clicks on one of your links, he will be redirected to a interstitial page, which redirects to his destination page after a short commercial break.
Visitor clicks on a link
Commercial break
Redirect to the destination page
Many possibilities
Everytime a link comes into play, you can earn money from Hero.li
Hereinafter you find some exemplary applications:
Social networks
If you share webpages in social networks, you can post a hero link instead a normal link.
Do you write articles and publish them in your blog with links to external sites? Just replace the links with hero links.
Replace all external links on your website, or use our full page script as a interstital to show your users an advertisement after some page hits.
Your visitors post links to external websites on your forum? With our tools you can easly convert all these links into hero links.
Replace all links in your emails you send to your users or mailing lists.
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The best tools
With our tools we want to make it for you as easy as possible to convert common links to hero links.
Link Converter
With this tool, your links are converted at lightning speed.
Fast Link
You don't have to convert links, just redirect your visitors directly to the hero interstitial page.
Convert Links comfortable in your browser while you surf on another website.
Mass Converter
Convert up to 20 links at once.
Full Page Script
Convert all or single links automatically to hero links.
Social Share Widget
Integrate the social share widget to enable your users to share hero links directly from your website.
Easy API
Create your own software or tool to convert common links to hero links.
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Advertising with your design
For a consistent visitor experience, you can customize the hero interstital page completely to your wishes. Just change the logo, the background color and more and your user will think that he never left your page.
Increase your advertising revenue

Increase your advertising revenue by using our interstitial advertising form, without cannibalizing other advertisement placements.
High quality ads

Our campaign team takes care that your visitors only see high quality advertisements.

You can use Hero.li everytime a link comes into play. No matter if you have a website, a social network page, a application etc.. Everytime you redirect a user to a hero link you will earn money.
Monetize links

Take advantage if you link to an external site. When a user clicks on the link, we show him a short advertisement before he can proceed.
Revenue optimization

Our advertisement platform optimizes the ad delivery all around the clock to achive the best possible CPMs for you.
Unique platform

Our self-developed advertisement platform takes care that everything is perfectly tailored to enable you to earn money from shared links.

Customize the interstitial page to fit into your design.
Payment Methods

When your account reaches a minimum balance of $5.00, then we will pay you with your prefered payment method.
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